Custom IT Solution

Human Resource Talent Management System


The growth of digital technology in Indonesia has completely changed the consumption pattern of consumers and enterprises. Companies are required to adapt in order to grow their business utilizing data managing system that fulfills daily activities such as sales tracking, financial report, HR management, filing, etc. There are many IT software in the market but the needs of each company are unique. Yet the available software are not customizable to fulfill those crucial challenges they will face in the future. With this awareness, Greenlab offers innovative digital solution to elevate your business today. Involving the client directly in the process to ensure accurate diagnosing and to prescribe the needed solution.

What we do:
  • CRM
  • Purchasing
  • POS
  • ERP
  • HR System
  • Personalized System
  • No Hassle Migration
  • Fluid User Experience
  • Low Learning Curve for Admin/User