HR System For Everyone

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Greenlab sees the need for an established company to have the ability to manage their employee’s data accurately and efficiently. There are many companies that are still doing it conventionally and are suffering from misleading data. In this digital age, Greenlab offers a solution in the form of a application system with complete features to make sure mismanagement of data is a thing of the past.

What we do:
  • Providing a web based application that is also mobile to ensure employee of all levels are able to access according to their needs
  • Providing a complete database that holds comprehensive employee’s information with UI/UX system web application made easy and intuitive.
  • The application allows users to:
    • Manage and Transfer Employee’s Horizontally and Vertically
    • Manage Employee’s CVs
    • Manage Employee’s Working Hours
    • Manage Employee’s Leaves and Approvals
    • Manage Employee’s Benefit
    • Manage Employee’s Payroll
    • Pass Down Information to All Employees Via a One Door Information Portal


An one stop application that answers the challenges of data management for big companies with large number of employees. An application that is flexible and adjustable to the needs of the company